Tuesday, 5 April 2011

I was extremely nervous before the actual killing. As if I had the main role in a play, had hundreds of people in the audience and wasn'nt prepared, didn't know my text.... or even more... just a shaking feeling of doing something dangerous, as a huge jump at ski, but without the funny, enjoing part of that feeling... without the good adrenaline.
The first one was really hard, the second one was, well not allready routine, but I felt more secure and knew how to do things. This was a litle scary since I then understood how the killing can become a routine, and lose its meaning. That people working with killing can get distanced from their acts, the act is abstracted...
Then it was quite disgusting to take out the guts, most because they were warm, body tempered. Not at all like fish, that is cold.
We learned a lot about the chickens anatomy, how eggs are produced inside the body (and how BIG they are in proportion to the hen).
Just imagine the feeling of giving birt once a day!

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