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    Michel de Certeau, Luce Giard, Pierre Mayol - L'invention du quotidien 2. habiter, cuisiner
    Conflict Kitchen art projectRirkrit TiravanijaSuperflex check out their freeshop project site for an organic, self-subsistent lifestyle, full of nice tips about growing things, cooking etc... fine site about sausage :)
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    - Regular Ordinary swedish Meal Time - Homegrown revolution - radical change taking root

    Förekomst i fraser

  • pågående form progressive (continuous) form (tense)

  • snarlik i färg (form etc.) of much the same…, much alike in…

  • han har stelnat i en viss form become set in a fixed mould

  • de är stöpta i samma form bildl. they are cast in the same mould

  • i vederbörlig form (ordning) in due form

  • yttre former outward show (sg.)external observances, externals

  • progressiv form gram. progressive (continuous) form

  • ge begreppsmässig form åt conceptualize

  • i fast form in solid form

  • [an]ta fast[are] form assume a [more] definite shape, solidify, become solid

  • vara i fin form be in good (in fine, at the top of one's) form

  • under friare former more informally, under freer forms

  • försvenskad form Swedish form

  • gjutna i samma form eg.el.bildl. cast in the same mould

  • hålla [mycket] på formerna (sin värdighet) stand [strictly] on ceremony (one's dignity)

  • irreal form ung. form expressing irreality (unreality)

  • konventionella former äv. conventionalities