Friday, 28 January 2011

The quest for meaninglessness.
Doing the classical thing of raising upp garbage to the status of "art".
Used teabags become a cardboard print.
Thoughts of food - food must be the ultimate entropic material. Once eaten, there is definitively no way back to its original shape.
Unless you start thinking of composts and the ecosystem at large - nothing is lost, everything is left. Then entropy as "no way back" is irrelevant. Consequently I must explore the physical term closer.


Printing formless grafic in the printshop was quit a challenge this week... experimenting with garbage as I did might be fun, but what's the point? Emma E and I had a talk yesterday, desperately fumbeling after A MEANING. Shame on us!
Thanks to enlightening "answers" from Steven and Harri, snagged bu us during their lunch break, we might be able to proceed our research. (also thanks to Stevens' lecture!)
Formless is pointless and the world has no meaning. Searching after a purpose is futile, we should instead wallow in the nonsensical, insignificant and meaningless. Lovely!
My struggle and attempt to a personal change this term will thus be to accept my own formlessness, ie meanimglessness :)


The frottage workshop started with me and my group walking around Konstfack looking for some inspiring technical or mechanical object to immortalize.
After a while, the brilliant idea "the metal types bureau in the grafics studio" stroke us. We worked intensivly for over 3 hours.
Discussions we had while working were much about the pleasure two of us found in this repetitive task, how work was "slower" and at the same time harder back in the days, manual work... and how things that at first sight lack of meaning can mean so much.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

lös formen formen är lös löst upplöst formligen formlös söl sälen är löslig reslig operationell omorganiserande strukturellt uppluckrad reslig härlig oh no! blog should be in english...
formless mountain rises from the dark sails like a sunken risen ship nonsens is form shape postphone decisions

min sida

l'informe informe

ännu formfasta
famlar vi efter mogen frukt
ripe fruit
banana split