Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Thank you all for your great job at my workshop this monday!
we made the "vegetarian dinner III" from my cooking book from 1944 and ate:

three kinds of sandwiches (we baked the bread of course)
a clear vegetable soup with cheese bread sticks
spinach stew with hollandaise sauce (home made of course)
and a tutti-frutti cake with "kokkaffe".

thoughts that came up during the day:

these old recipes really complicate things - today we always try to simplify and cook as fast as possible (except this sour dough trend of course). the value of time has changed.
the only spices here were salt, sugar, some white pepper, mustard and a little little cayenne pepper - so the food turned out to be good but quite tasteless, a bit like we think baby food nowadays. taste buds have changed a lot since the 40-ties with all the traveling and the globalization.
it was hard to coordinate everything and make it be ready at the right time.
fantastic for me to watch everybody cooking!


  1. kök i rörelse:

  2. nästa film?

    skulle var grymt att se dej köra bil till coop och handla färdigmat för ett par veckor för att sedan värma i mikrovågsugn och slå ihjäl väntan med en ipad-app där man får laga mat och vara värdinna mera oldschool!

  3. ha! fantastiskt lisa :) köket är ju helt underbart! och ja... lite färdigmat vore inte helt fel... du gav mig precis en idé, tack.