Tuesday, 22 February 2011

"Home cooking is a catalyst that brings people together. We are losing the daily ritual of sitting down around the table (without the intrusion of television), of having the opportunity to interact, to share our experiences and concerns, to listen to others. Home kitchens, despite the increase in designer appliances and cabinetry, are mostly quiet and empty today. Strangers are preparing much of our food. And our supermarkets, which once considered restaurants and fast-food places the enemy, have joined the trend by enlarging their delis and offering ready-to-eat food they call "home-replacement meals." But bringing ready-cooked meals home is not the same as cooking in your own kitchen, where you are in control of the ingredients you use, where you fill the house with good cooking smells, and where you all share in a single dish, taking a helping and passing the platter on to your
neighbor. Nothing can replace that." —
Marion Cunningham, from the introduction to Lost Recipes.

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  1. Hi I think you have your project here. It is almost needless to say but go for it.
    Maybe you should look up Rirkrit Tiravanija and Superflex if you are interested of social utopia.
    But also see how they have worked I am also thinking about Bataille and his ideá of giving as one of fundaments in humanity "La notion de Depénse"